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Rk Player G A Pts PIM
1 Emily Sloan 2 0 2 0
2 Darby Edmondson 1 1 2 0
3 Alyssa Visalli 1 1 2 0
4 Sarah Peterson 1 1 2 0
5 Kendall Mason 1 1 2 0
6 Amanda Pugliese 1 0 1 0
7 Ellen Chiligiris 1 0 1 0
8 Kathleen Baldwin 0 1 1 0
9 Maria Meola 0 0 0 2
10 Michaela Goguen 0 0 0 0

Miami University Women’s Hockey

The Miami University Women’s Hockey team is an NCAA Division 1 program that competes in the Central Collegiate Hockey Association (CCHA). The RedHawks have enjoyed great success since their inception in 1998, including 10 CCHA regular season titles and seven post-season conference championships. In addition to these accomplishments, the RedHawks have made nine appearances in the NCAA tournament, advancing to the Frozen Four on four occasions.

The team is led by head coach Chris Luongo who joined Miami in 2016 and has won two CCHA Coach of the Year awards during his tenure with the RedHawks. He has guided Miami to a record of 108-69-22 since arriving at Oxford. His staff includes assistant coaches Andy Greene and Zach Greenberg along with goaltending coach Scott Garrow. Together they make up one of the most successful coaching staffs in college hockey.

The current roster features 18 players from five states plus Canada. This talented group includes three All-Americans: forward Emily Curlett, defenseman Ryleigh Houston, and goaltender Allison Smallwood; all three have been recognized as Academic All-Americans as well. These players combined with several other highly skilled athletes make up a team ready to compete for another championship title this season!

History: Early Beginnings

Miami University Women’s Hockey has a long and proud history of success. The team was founded in the late 1990s and began competing at the Division I level in 2001. The RedHawks have since been to six NCAA Tournaments and have won two conference championships.

The early years of the program saw some success, including a second place finish in 2004-05, but it wasn’t until 2006-07 when they really made waves. That year, Miami finished with an impressive 20-12-4 record, earning the program its first ever berth into the NCAA Tournament. They made it all the way to the Frozen Four before being eliminated by eventual national champion Wisconsin. In 2008-09, Miami earned their first conference championship after winning both CCHA regular season and tournament titles.

Since then, more success has followed for Miami Women’s Hockey as they’ve continued to be one of college hockey’s top programs. The RedHawks have been back to two more NCAA Tournaments (2010 & 2016) and were CCHA Champions again in 2013-14 season before moving on to become members of College Hockey America in 2015.

Team Accomplishments

Miami University Women’s Hockey have had a successful season, with many accomplishments under their belt. During the 2018-2019 season, the team was crowned CHA Regular Season Champions for the third consecutive year and were also awarded the CHA Tournament Championship title. The impressive streak continued into the 2019-2020 season where they won both titles yet again and were also named College Hockey America’s Team of the Year for 2020.

The team has made great strides to excel in their sport and it was recognized at both a local and national level. During each of their championship seasons, Miami set school records on offense. In 2018-2019 they scored 111 goals, breaking an 11-year record set by former players. The team followed up this success with another school record in 2019-2020 with 130 goals scored that season.

Miami University Women’s hockey continues to prove themselves as a top competitor in college hockey year after year. The hard work of every player is evident through all of their recent successes and accomplishments, making them one of the best teams in Division I women’s ice hockey today.

Facilities and Resources

Miami University Women’s Hockey offers some of the best facilities and resources for female student athletes. The Goggin Ice Arena, located on campus, provides the team with a top-of-the-line facility equipped with modern amenities. The rink has a full weight room, two locker rooms and several other training aids available to enhance player performance. All of these amenities are designed to maximize comfort and provide the best possible experience for each athlete.

The team also has access to dedicated sports medicine staff members who are responsible for treatment of injuries and physical therapy sessions. In addition, Miami Women’s Hockey is able to monitor players’ health through nutrition counseling sessions and heart rate monitoring technology. These resources are all essential in helping athletes stay healthy while they pursue their hockey career at Miami University.

Finally, despite its NCAA Division I status, Miami Women’s Hockey offers scholarship opportunities for incoming players as well as academic support services that help ensure that student athletes can balance their studies with their commitments on the ice. This level of commitment to academics helps ensure that female student athletes have every opportunity to succeed both academically and athletically at Miami University.

Community Involvement

One of the ways the Miami University Women’s Hockey team shows their commitment to community involvement is through volunteerism. Members of the team have worked with local animal shelters, attended school-wide cleanups, and helped out at food banks. Team members also use their skillset to help others by teaching hockey clinics for children in the area. The coaching staff works with local schools to ensure that these events are held and that there are enough members of the team available to help out.

Miami University Women’s Hockey boasts a distinguished and impressive history of accomplishment, having been established in the late 1990s and competing at the Division I level since 2001.

The RedHawks have earned six NCAA Tournament appearances, as well as two conference championships. Fans of basketball should consider learning more about Brooklyn Nets!

The Miami University Women’s Hockey team also makes a point of supporting other teams on campus through regular attendance at games and events. This encourages camaraderie between different groups of students while allowing them to demonstrate and practice sportsmanship values outside of their own sport. The team has even been known to attend competitions outside of college when they can, showing their support to amateur athletes in their region as well as nationally or internationally if possible.

Finally, the Miami University Women’s Hockey team raises funds for various causes throughout the year by hosting special fundraising events such as cookouts or car washes. These fundraisers benefit organizations like cancer research centers or food pantries which need extra support during difficult times financially or otherwise.

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