How does hockey betting work

If you enjoy watching the NHL or other hockey leagues, why not increase the experience? Whether you’re a newbie to the game, a lifelong fan, or just enjoy sports, sports betting can enhance the experience. But do you know how hockey betting works?

Some terms that are used easily in hockey sports betting include: 

  • Parlay
  • Money line
  • 60-minute line in hockey betting or three-way betting in hockey

You might have heard of these popular sports betting terms, but are you aware of what they mean? We’ll explain the many types of hockey sports betting you can place and give you tips to do it. We have you covered if you want to place hockey punts in the best sportsbooks in nj or an online casino. 

Types of Sports Bets and How They Work

Sports betting is more accessible nowadays, but there’s a learning curve for sports bettors who don’t have enough knowledge on how different wager types work. Below we discuss explanations of the most popular wager types in a sportsbook.

Straight Bets in Sports Betting

Straight wagers are the most common type. Some sportsbooks refer to them as singles. You’ll be wagering on the results of a single event or game. For instance, Team A is playing Team B in a hockey game. You think Team A will defeat Team B, so make a straight wager on Team A.

Puck Line in Hockey Betting or Spreads for Sportsbooks

These wagers involve either ‘taking’ or ‘giving away a certain number of goals/points/runs. Sportsbooks determine this number and display the expected victory margin. Players choose whether they’ll ‘give’ the runline or spread (put money on the favourite) or ‘take’ the spread (bet sports on the underdog). 

Parlays, aka Accumulators or Multis

These are a combination of two or more straights into one. Sports betting parlays are famous among experienced and new players because they present an opportunity of landing bigger payouts while spending less money. The number of wagers in a parlay and the odds attached to each event determine how much you’ll win. The larger the parlay, the bigger the wager and the potential win. Don’t miss a chance to get no deposit bonus 200 free spins and more interesting gifts. 

Totals for Sports Betting 

Also known as over/under wagers, these are similar to point spreads. They focus on the final score of a specific game rather than the winner. When wagering a sports betting total, you only need to predict if the teams involved will combine for fewer (under) or more (over) goals than the total displayed by the online sportsbook.

Sports Betting Futures

Futures work in the same way the name suggests: wagers will be decided in the future. For instance, you can predict a team that will win a hockey series or bet on an athlete to win NFL Rookie of the Year. These types come with bigger odds which means bigger payouts. 

Prop Bets

While most markets focus on the final result of an event or game, props relate to the individual performance of an athlete. One example would be a player scoring in a specific game. Some of the most popular types of props include game props, player props, and novelty props.  

How Do Payouts Work in Sports Gambling?

The odds attached to your wager and your stake amount determine sports live betting payouts. Mostly, a sportsbook will list this potential payout on your slip whether you wager in person or online. 

Some online US sportsbooks provide payout Michigan sportsbook promos including free betscash-out offers, bet boosts, and more, which can enhance your winnings. You need to visit your favorite sportsbook regularly to see if the offers are available. You should also check the terms and conditions of a free bet or welcome bonus before claiming it.  

Final words

When hockey betting, always ensure that you’re doing it in legit sportsbooks or betting apps. These platforms offer reliable services including in-game betting, reputable payment methods, fair odds, and secure transactions. You’ll be going about sports betting knowing that you’re safe!